Removes Up to 80% of Unwanted
Pigments in Just 2 Sessions

THink® removes up to 80% of unwanted pigment in just one session, then up to 40% each session thereafter. Typically, performing more than 3 sessions of THink® Pigment Removal isn’t necessary. To get these same results using a saline removal could take up to 10 or more sessions…after all, saline is just salt.


See the Unwanted Ink Come
Out as You Work

Unlike most removal products, there’s no guessing game to see if it’s working or not. THink® visibly removes the unwanted pigment as you work and can be wiped away with conviction.


Provides Artist and Client the
Satisfaction of Immediate Results

Put an end to the “wait-and-see” aftermath of saline removal and confidently wipe away the unwanted pigment from your client using THink® Pigment Remover. The instant gratification that THink® provides both you and your client is a total game-changer to the entire removal experience – the proof is right there!


Safe Glycolic-Based Solution Tattooed into the Skin for Lightening and Removal

THink® Pigment Remover’s mild acidic base, known as glycolic, is the key factor for such immediate results. The glycolic enters the skin through channels made by the tattoo needle(s) and pulls the unwanted pigment up with it as the solution rises back out of the channels. Just one THink® session can dramatically lighten for easier corrections and/or further removals.


Heals Quicker with Less Scabbing,
Oozing, and Bleeding

The glycolic base in THink® Pigment Remover allows for a quicker, less annoying healing time with minimal scabbing. Saline removal usually produces lots of blood, oozing and scabbing. All of those factors are minimized with THink® Pigment Remover. This weak glycolic base makes for an effective procedure without unwarranted trauma to the skin.

Don’t Just take Our Word For it

“THink® Pigment Remover is AMAZING, OMG!”
Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee
“I cannot even begin to explain the magic of seeing old pigment come up out of the skin with this stuff. Satisfaction!”
Henderson, Nevada
“Once I discovered THink® Pigment Remover, there was no going back! My clients actually get to see for themselves that the removal is working in REAL TIME...it doesn't get much better than that!"
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
"I was floored by how amazingly well this seemed to pull old pigment out!!! Could quite literally see the old pigment being purged from the skin!!"
Hilary W.
Boston, Massachusetts

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Glycolic vs. Saline

THink® Pigment Remover relies on its weak yet mighty glycolic base to pull the unwanted ink out of the skin for you, immediately. Saline relies on the body’s natural healing process to rid the unwanted ink over time, requiring a considerable amount of bleeding to push the ink out.

Glycolic provides an effective delivery system to reach the pigment and allows the skin to heal properly and quickly, with less blood and scabbing. Scabbing is an essential part of the healing process after saline removal, it helps to pull more ink out.

You can see immediate results with glycolic. The pigment actively rises up through the skin as you work, so all you have to do is wipe it away. There is no immediate gratification with saline, you have to wait and see the results as the skin continues to heal over time.

Average removal with THink® takes around 3 sessions total. Typical saline removal can take up to as many as 10 sessions.



The glycolic based solution is readily accepted by the skin and placed at the same depth as the unwanted pigment, using the same tattoo technique. THink® Pigment Remover is a safe liquid that has been optimized to remove the maximum amount of pigment with minimum discomfort and quick healing.

Before and After THink Removal

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